Cloud-sourcing: in Touch with Weather from Land, Sea, and Air
Photo and Video Collection Campaign

To enhance the public’s awareness and understanding of changes in the weather, as well as to highlight the colourful and mesmerizing beauty that such changes can bring, we are launching a photo and video campaign – and we’d like you to join!

The Hong Kong Observatory’s “Cloud-sourcing: in Touch with Weather from Land, Sea and Air – Photo and Video Collection Campaign” will showcase stunning imagery from members of the public, as well as from members of the aviation and marine communities. The campaign will take place between 14 December 2017 and 13 February 2018.

Theme of photo and video Clouds, weather and other atmospheric optical phenomena (photos or videos)
Collection campaign period 14 Dec 2017 to 13 Feb 2018
Target groups a) Public (photos/videos taken from land)
b) Public and aviation community (photos/videos taken from aircraft)
c) Public and marine community (photos/videos taken from ships)
Submission method Online submission via “Cloud-sourcing: in Touch with Weather from Land, Sea, and Air – Photo and Video Collection Campaign” platform. Registration is required. See Note 1 for details.
Submission category 3 categories (a)-(c) as above
Photo selection by adjudication panel Late February to early March
Adjudication panel for photo/video selection Director of HKO and independent photography experts
Award gifts Winning participants will be awarded with a limited edition of tropical cyclone gift pack
Furthermore, selected photos/videos will be used for public exhibition at the Hong Kong International Airport during the second half of 2018.
The photo/video contributor is required to register before submitting any entry. The following information is required for registration:
i) full name (Chinese or English);
ii) email address;
iii) credit line or name to be used if photo/video is selected for future HKO exhibition, publication or activities; and
iv) date and time as well as location, including whether it is from land, aircraft or ships.

Size requirement for photo submission should be between 1MB to 15MB in JPEG format (smaller than this size cannot be submitted through the platform) and videos preferably in HD format with size less than 50MB in MP4/MOV format. To facilitate selection by adjudication panel for enlarged photo for exhibition purpose, size requirement for photos should be larger than 3MB in JPEG format.

There is no limit on the number of photos/videos that can be submitted within the campaign period. Subject to quality-checking, all photos/videos received may be shown on the “Cloud-sourcing in touch with Weather from Land, Sea, and Air Photo and Video Collection Campaign” platform. However, all registered contributors are required to select and indicate the best 10 submissions of photos and/or best 10 videos, for consideration of campaign awards and possibly for display at an exhibition to be organized in the latter half of 2018. If not properly indicated, the latest 10 submissions will be automatically selected at the end of the campaign (13 February 2018).

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