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Elegantia College
17-08-2011 13:00
Rain affected visibility
Elegantia College 風采中學
Date : 17/8/2011 Time : 1:00 pm Weather condition Temp: 28.3 0C Humidity: 88% Wind Speed: 11.3 Km Wind Direction: SW Rainfall for past one hour: 3.5mm Visibility: Fair Warning System : Thunderstorm API: 23 Nitrogen Dioxide (nearest station Yuen Long) General Comment: The weather is fine in the morning. Cloud amount increased at noon and rain started falling at about 12:55 pm but stopped at about 1:00 pm. Visibility was affected by raindrops in the atmosphere. Part of Shenzhen was blurred and part of Shenzhen was clear.

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Elegantia College
Estimated Visibility: 0 km
Hourly mean UV Index: 0
PM10/RSP at nearby EPD station: 0 ug/m3